What is Krav Maga


Krav Maga is an effective and easy to learn self defence system that originated in Israel for the military and Special Forces. It is now used by many Military, Law Enforcement and Government agencies across the world and has also been refined into a Civilian Self Defence System that normal civilians, Mums, Dads, kids, women and the elderly can use to protect themselves.

Krav Maga is not a sport or a martial art but a self defence system used for the protection of one self and their loved ones. Unlike martial arts that only deal with 1 person kicking and punching with rules, rings, referees, kata’s and fancy spinning kicks, Krav Maga is taught for one reason and that is SURVIVAL!

Krav Maga is a reality based self defence system that teaches people to avoid, de-escalate and defend a violent assault or attack. These include all attacks from punches, kicks, chokes, bearhugs, grabs, kidnap attempts to attacks with multiple attackers, attacks from weapons, firearms and more. All defences are taught from all angles, in all positions and under all types of conditions and stress.

Krav Maga teaches individuals to identify a threat and how to stop or diffuse a threat before it escalates into violence. The best outcome is always to safely remove yourself from a situation without fighting however when you cannot avoid a threat or attack, Krav Maga will provide you with the necessary skills to neutralize an attacker to protect yourself, friends, family and other loved one’s.

It is a very effective system where size of the attacker is irrelevant due to striking vulnerable parts of a human body like eyes, throat, groin and other areas that will stop an attack and give you the opportunity to escape danger. 

You can spend your whole life without being attacked or assaulted but one day in an instant everything can change without warning.

Start learning Krav Maga today and learn:

  • Awareness of potential threats
  • Prevention, avoidance and de-escalation of violent situations
  • How to deal with real world violence, attacks and assault
  • Defences against strikes like punches, kicks, elbows, knees and more
  • Defences against chokes, holds, grabs, bearhugs, kidnap attempts and more
  • How to neutralize an attack by striking vulnerable points of the body
  • How to survive an attack that goes to the ground
  • How to defend against weapon attacks like knife, stick, bat and common objects
  • How to neutralize and defend against firearms like handguns and rifles
  • How to defend against multiple attackers (more than one attacker)